Electronic universal testing machine

WD-5 electronic universal testing machine
This series of universal testing machine, the mainframe adopts strength design, light weight, good rigidity, mechanical transmission using synchronous belt, high-precision screw, smooth transmission; small gap, fast response, low noise; transmission source uses Japanese Panasonic driver and servo The motor and measuring system adopt high-precision force value sensors and displacement sensors, and the measurement is accurate. With the convenient and quick operation of the computer, it sets various parameters for the testing machine, automatically measures, controls, and processes data, draws various curves, and prints test reports. Its technical performance is in a leading position among similar domestic products. Main technical parameters: 1. The graphical dot matrix computer display screen shows the measurement results, and the operation state operation prompts are intuitive and clear.
2. Control method: tensile, compression, peeling test, force value tracking, peak value retention, displacement measurement (self-equipped extensometer for accurate deformation measurement)
3. Various test methods, sample materials, formulas, etc. can be edited according to user needs.
4. At the beginning of the test, the force value and displacement can be automatically reset to zero; the test result, curve and gauge position are automatically stored.
5. Force and displacement units can be switched at any time.
6. Displacement exceeds the limit and the sample breaks and stops.
7. New test can also be continued.
8. The curves of the same set of samples can be compared in various forms such as plane, translation and 3D.
9. There are special points on the curve.
10 Report editing The test report can be edited according to user needs, and the measured value and calculation result can be output.

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