Professional VGA capture card makes recording and broadcasting system simple

Professional VGA capture card
If the VGA data of one PC is displayed on another PC and the VGA signal is collected, the traditional method is to convert the VGA signal into a video signal through the video converter VGA-VIDEO, and then on the other PC through the video capture card Display acquisition. In this way, the VGA signal becomes an analog signal through the video converter, and then becomes a digital signal through the video acquisition card, and is displayed on the computer. After this digital-to-analog conversion, the loss of the VGA signal is particularly large after the analog-to-digital conversion, and the image data is very poor . In order to solve this problem, Beijing Kylin Video Technology Co., Ltd. developed and produced KylinesVGA-plus, a VGA capture card, that is, it displays the VGA data of another device on one display at the same time, without adding additional equipment, so that The image quality has been greatly improved to fully meet the needs of customers in this application field.

The KylinesVGA-plus capture card is a standard PCI interface. It captures VGA data from other data sources to a PC and displays it on the Windows desktop with an application window provided with the card. KylinesVGA-plus capture card can display and collect other 1 independent VGA signal on this PC, so that you will see 1 VGA signal displayed on the desktop at the same time, no additional monitor is needed.

KylinesVGA-plus card supports Windows NT / Windows 2000/2003 / Windows XP operating system. It has stronger compatibility and faster data transfer speed. It can be used with any multi-screen card.

Cooperate with KylinesVGA-plus card and other multi-screen graphics processing and display products to ensure users' various multi-screen and splicing applications. Including video wall, multimedia display of monitoring and command system, industrial process display, publicity advertisement display, online query and interactive consultation system, etc. Combined with Microsoft WMEncoder or Real encoder, one VGA signal can be encoded into WM9, Real, MPEG4 and other formats, and applied to network live broadcast, recording and broadcasting system, VOD on demand, distance education and training, video conferencing and other systems.

Product Specifications:
PCI Level 2.2 compliant, half size plug-in card
PCI Bus Master with scatter / gather DMA providing up to 132 Mbytes per second data transfer
Connection: 1 input, 1 output
Maximum sampling rate: 140 Mpixels per second
Video sampling rate: 24 bits per pixel / 8: 8: 8 format
Video memory: Total 32MB
RGB support modes: 640X480, 800X600, 1024X768, 1280X1024
Display pixels: RGB 888, YUV420
Update rate: User defined, typically up to 30 updates per second
Video format option: RGB plus Hsync and Vsync (5 wire)
RGB with Sync on Green (3 wire)
RGB with Composite Sync (4 wire)
System support: Windows NT / Windows 2000/2003 / Windows XP

Features * Half-length PCI adapter * Real-time capture of one RGB signal * Each channel supports up to 1280 * 1024 24bit resolution * The maximum capture sampling rate is real-time 140MHz
* The PCI bus controller allows the capture signal to be sent to the system memory or graphics display memory * The data is transmitted on the PCI bus and 132MB / s bandwidth * The distributed centralized worksheet supports virtual memory operation * The captured image of each channel can be scaled up and down * Automatic synchronization Video detection, providing multi-synchronous operation * Support H and V synchronization, composite synchronization and green synchronization respectively * A single PC can insert multiple cards to allow multi-pass image capture and simultaneous display
* Can support 2U and 3U chassis

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