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Panby MS01 hiking shoes evaluation report

Product official introduction:

l Blue, red and black colors, high cost performance, suitable for mountaineering, hiking, and can also be used with ice catch;

l Unique strap design, easy to perform elasticity operation at low temperature;

l The use of two layers of loose microporous non-woven fabric in the midsole pad effectively protects the foot from being sprained and increases the gas flow inside the shoe.

l GORE-TEX fabric with full socks inside, 100% waterproof and breathable;

l VIBRAM AA 69 aviation sole is used for soles, which is non-slip, wear-resistant and oil-proof.

l The upper is made of frosted leather + CORDURA to ensure the support and avoid the slope stiffness; both reduce the weight of shoes and enhance the breathability of shoes.

Panby MS01 hiking shoes overall appearance

Product Testing Overview:

1. Appearance and use of materials:

This model is MS01's Pandide Alpine boots, using a combination of matte leather fabric + CORDURA anti-tear cloth, after all, is an economical and reasonable mix. The GTRE-TEX all-socks structure is used inside the shoes, and I don't think it goes without saying that the GTRX-TEX fabric's leading dominance in waterproof and air permeability has laid a great degree of comfort for this shoe. The VIBRAM AA 69 aviation outsole used in the soles is not only wear-resistant, non-slippery, good grip, but also plays a role in preventing oil. The crampons at the front and rear of the shoe show its professionalism.

Panby MS01 Alpine Boots is also very prominent in color matching, the combination of black and red, blue, bright yellow makes this shoe look very eye-catching. It is not only suitable for outdoor sports wear, but also does not appear to be worn out at ordinary leisure time. The unique strap design adopted by the shoes compensates for the shortcomings of the loosening of the laces in the climbing shoes, and it is easy to perform the elastic adjustment operation at a low temperature, which further embodies the humanized design.

GORE-TEX lining logo, VIBRAM soles logo

2. Shoe design

The entire shoe is designed for Asian feet and feels smoother and more comfortable when worn. The specially-lined shock-absorbing insole lined with the lining helps to prevent the feet and ankles from hurting during exercise. The two-layer loose microporous non-woven fabric design of the insole increases the flow of gas during wear and keeps the shoe dry and comfortable for a long time.

3. Fastener design

Lacing holes combined with perforation and lace hook, coupled with the buckle design of the shoes, so that adjust the tightness of the shoe laces easier to operate and effortless.

Lacing is combined with perforation, lace hooks and adjustment straps

Overall assessment of testers:

The Panby MS01 hiking shoes are top-notch, stylish, and the materials are chosen from professional outdoor sports equipment. It is suitable for the Asian foot design, which solves the problem that the professional hiking boots are prone to wear out for a long time and it relieves the wearer from the fatigue of walking for a long time. In terms of current hiking shoes, Pandide MS01 is indeed a cost-effective and high choice

Outdoor clothing testers personal 5F question and answer

1. (Fit) Is the style of this garment suitable for my own foot type?

A: I usually wear 38 yards of shoes. According to the selection of hiking shoes, this test wears 39 yards. It feels very comfortable. In particular, this mountaineering shoe, designed specifically for Asian foots, is comfortable to wear and relaxed during climbing.

2. (Frequently) Which climbing shoes are more suitable for which kind of environment?

A: This hiking shoe is sufficient to meet non-winter climbs of 3,000 meters above sea level. You can also wear it during the usual one-day or two-day activities. In addition, I think that wearing a dress in the city is also very fashionable.

3. (Fashion) Is this hiking shoe style and appearance fashionable and unique?

A: This pair of hiking shoes is bold and eye-catching with a stylish look. Combined with superior materials, it should be counted as a perfect combination of professional and fashionable products.

4. (Fabrics & materials) Is the use of this hiking shoe fabric professional?

A: This pair of hiking shoes basically uses the best outdoor product preparation (GORE-TEX lining, VIBRAM aviation outsole, frosted leather + CORDURA fabric), and is a professional hiking boots for outdoor sports.

5. (Fail or like to purchase) because of personal factors unwilling (willing) to buy the reasons.

A: Taking into account the use of materials and appearance, if you choose a cost-effective and high hiking shoes, "Pandby MS01" is my first choice. However, as a higher-end snow mountain equipment and taking into account the technical climbing needs, "Pandipp MS01" obviously can not meet my needs.

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