Dual-channel automatic shrink film packaging machine with refresh speed record

In 2005, based on the original XKBS70B heat-shrinkable film packaging machine, Baoji Xinke Company successfully developed the XKBS80B dual-channel automatic heat shrinkable film packaging machine with Chinese characteristics and independent intellectual property rights, which further established the company’s Leading position in the industry.

According to Baoji Xinke Company, XKBS80B dual-channel automatic heat shrinkable film packaging machine is the largest automatic packaging machine with the largest packaging capacity and the fastest speed in China. The machine's output is 80 bags/minute, which can be used with 40,000 bottles/hour of beer and beverage filling lines. The machine has been operating at China Resources Brewery since May 2005 and it can still run smoothly and safely when it reaches the peak production speed of 43,000 bottles per hour.

XKBS80B heat shrinkable film packaging machine can be widely used in the beer, beverage, food, and pharmaceutical fields, with a high degree of automation, simple adjustment, easy operation, and can achieve color film positioning and packaging.

The outstanding features of the aircraft are as follows:

1. The appearance is simple and beautiful, the structure is novel and unique, and the operation is simple and easy to maintain. Linear combination module, easy to install and transport.
2, large-screen color touch screen / press-type operation panel, LCD Chinese display.
3, pneumatic expansion support film roll, film quickly and quickly change film.
4, film tension conveying, even leveling, precise control of the incision film, neat incision.
5, into the servo control technology can keep accurate and synchronous transmission of the institutions.
6, the heating box structure is scientific and reasonable, heat insulation, heat loss, dual temperature zone control, reliable bonding, high temperature control accuracy.
7, configuration selection of the German "P + F" company, Germany, Festo company, Italy, Motorola company, Austria B & Q company and other world's most advanced sensors, reducer, pneumatic and electrical automatic control systems and other components to ensure The superior performance of the whole machine.

The main technical parameters of the aircraft are as follows:

1, the production capacity: 80 packets / min, continuously adjustable stepless.
2, packaging arrangement type: dual channel 3 × 3 / bag, 4 × 3 / bag (or according to customer requirements)
3, for the shape of the container: round / square containers, such as glass bottles, PE bottles, cans and so on. The outer diameter of the container is 55~90mm and the height is 120~300mm. (Note: Replacement of related parts, a wider range of applications).
4, the total power supply load: heating box 57.6kw/220v (57.6kw when warming up, working 28.8kw).
5, machine dimensions: length × width × height = 11850 × 1315 × 2150 (mm)
6. Compressed air pressure used by the machine: 0.4~0.7Mpa, maximum air consumption: 0.25NM3/min
7, the maximum width of the conveyor belt: front 740mm, rear 800mm, height 1120~1185mm (adjustable)
8, machine weight: 5150kg
It is reported that Baoji Xinke is currently developing an XKBS110B three-channel automatic heat shrinkable film packaging machine with a packaging capacity of 110 packs per minute and a 50,000 bottle/hour beer and beverage filling line to meet large and medium-sized beer and beverage companies. We will continue to pay attention to the need for large-scale production.

Source: Packaging Machinery

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