Analysis of Error Messages in the Process of PSPNT Dispatching

(2) Error message: "The system parameter configuration is invalid" when starting RIP

deal with:

This error is generally caused by a problem with the system's network card installation. You need to check whether the TCP/IP protocol is installed in the network properties. If you still do not need to remove the network card driver and reinstall.

Error message: RIP output dot matrix time "serial error" or "connection error, requires checking photosetter and connection conditions"

deal with:

1. Check whether the login operating system user name has administrator rights.

2. Check if the device driver of the imagesetter has been started and the device driver does not start. The RIP and the imagesetter cannot be connected online. If it is the NT4 operating system, look for the imagesetter driver in the "Device" in the "Control Panel", where you can manually start the device service. If it is a WIN2000 system, it can be viewed in the "Driver" under "Software Environment" under "System Information" under "System Tools" in "Control Panel" - "Administrative Tools" - "Computer Management".

3. If it is an NT4 operating system, check whether the interruption of the RIP interface card is exclusive and require that the interrupt cannot be shared with other devices. Interrupts can be viewed in the operating system's windows NT diagnostics, or they can be seen on the computer's startup self-test screen. If there is a conflict in the interrupt, you can adjust it by adjusting the slot of the card, masking unused devices (such as sound cards, usb devices, etc.) in the BIOS, and specifying the interrupt of the card in the BIOS (some motherboards have this function).

4. If it is a WIN2000 system, the system can automatically allocate interrupts without manual adjustment. It should be noted that the “Device Manager” of “Hardware” in the “My Computer” property should be checked to see whether the Founder interface card is normal. If there is no error sign with a yellow exclamation mark, you need to update or reinstall the device driver. .

5, check the data line and photosetter settings.

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