A fixed, unstressed cable clamp can be completed in a single instant

In order to fix cables and pipes up to 20 mm in diameter in the drag chain, the German company igus developed a new type of product, the “Chainfix Nuggets” cable clamp. Compared to standard comb-board cable clamps, this new type of cable clamp is more space- and economical, and also more convenient for fixing.

The user does not need to fix it like a screwdriver or similar tool. Rotating the "Chainfix Nuggets" cable clamp makes it easy to fix it on or remove it from the C-slot. "Nuggets" ensures that the cable will not move.

According to the customer's needs, igus can also provide a new cable clamp with a locking tie and a C-slot. If a pre-assembly order is used, customers will only need to tighten the locking tie. "Chainfix Nuggets" is particularly suitable for a variety of short-stroke applications.

Source: Packaging Machinery

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