SPIRIT cigarette packaging

The theme of the design is an Indian who meditates in the moonlight to express the tranquil mood. There are silhouetted sides, full moons and Indian tents in the pattern. The composition is simple and powerful enough to capture the customer's heart. The highlight is the blue tone of the package as a whole: In order to express the peaceful and lonely night sky, two different pearlescent pigments were chosen for expression. The entire cigarette case is primed with silver-white pearlescent pigments. Its function is to provide sufficient reflection light on the bottom layer, just like the light emitted from under the transparent floor. The top cover is shaded with a transparent blue blend to interfere with the blue pearlescent ink, which reflects the quiet blue light. Finally, there is a dark blue gradient mesh (above and below depth) that brings about changes in levels. This is, of course, a masterpiece. Many people are very different from the composition of "Sapphire Blue," but they have never thought of the role of pearlescent pigments in it. Perhaps this is an illustration: Pearl is not always white.

Source: Global corrugated box industry

Grill Basket

BEST GRILL ACCESSORY for barbecuing small foods like onions, peppers, mushrooms and shrimp
EASY to USE - Curved handles allows for easy carrying. Use as Wok pan to stir fry chopped chicken, beef or pork. Nothing beats great smoky BBQ flavor.
KEEPS FOOD INSIDE - Raised edges prevents food from escaping. Perfectly sized grill holes (a little bigger than a pencil eraser) allows heat and smoke to pass through without letting food run away.
HEAVY DUTY COOKWARE - 100% Stainless steel. Retain heat and cooks food fast. Great for Camping!
Grill BasketGrill TopperNon Stick Grill Topper

Grill Basket

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