Three Tips for Directly Outputting Word Files from RIP

In the publishing and printing industry, page-makers or Founder typesetting systems are generally used for film output, but nowadays customers often encounter printouts using Word documents. The general processing method is to import the files into PageMaker or the Founder typesetting system to re-type and then output. This brings a lot of inconvenience to the plate making, and the layout will be out of shape.

How to use Founder RIP to directly output Word files? After practice modeling, the following methods can be used:

1. Add a virtual printer. In the computer where Word software is installed, select "My Computer" under "Printers", then select "Add Printer", and then follow these steps: "Local Printer" → Manufacturer: Lin-otronic → Printer: Linotronic 530 → Available Port: File Create file on disk → Set as default printer → Do not print test page → Finish. Note: Only the files generated by the Linotronic 530 printer can be recognized by the Founder RIP.

2. Output Word file. Enter the Word software, open the file to be sent, select the "Print" command, there will be a "print to file" dialog box, enter the file name will produce a file with a .prn suffix, the file will be changed. Prn suffix The .ps suffix.

3. Enter Founder RIP and select "Postscript file, .PS" for the output file type to interpret the file output. Using this method to output a film of a Word file will not cause page layout problems.

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