Product packaging design skills

One of the more important design elements in product packaging design is the packaging style. It is the same as other principles such as architectural design and industrial product design. The box-shaped design of the package and the container design are determined by its own function. It is determined according to the nature, shape and weight of the packaged product. The principle of the three-dimensional structure is reasonably operated to solve the package of the product. Structural design is a more scientific design method.

The carton is a three-dimensional shape, and its unfolding process is a process in which a plurality of surfaces are moved, stacked, folded, and surrounded by a polyhedron. The surface in the three-dimensional structure functions to divide the space in the space, cuts, rotates, and folds the surface of different parts, and the resulting surface has different emotional expressions. The plane has a flat, smooth and concise feel. The surface is soft, gentle and elastic. The simplicity of the circle, the fullness, the strictness of the party, and the dignity... These are exactly what we must consider when we study the structure of the carton.

The study of polyhedrons in the three-dimensional structure is to find the regularity between the face and the face of the polyhedron, and to explore the relationship between the change of the face and the strength of the material. For example, surface joints are usually present in the box cover, box body and box bottom structure in three ways: point connection, wire connection, and face contact. Take the bottom of the box as an example. The bottom of the box is the part that can bear the weight, and has the greatest impact on factors such as resistance to pressure, vibration, and drop. It is more suitable for surface connection. It uses various methods such as interlocking and locking to make the bottom of the box securely. Sealing molding. This structure can package a wide variety of products, mostly small and medium-sized bottled products.

In addition, the six basic geometric shapes and their variants in the polyhedron have similarities and similarities in the actual life and the complex and varied external appearance of the commodity. The carton packaging structure should give full play to the molding characteristics of polyhedrons in the function and characteristics of the goods, and skillfully use the body language to express the characteristics of the goods and the beauty of the packaging. At present, many food packaging on the market, the molding of the outer packaging box is based on the definition of Plato or Archimedes in the polyhedron, and each side composed of repeated shapes is made of different shapes and combinations: the more faces are combined, the more The closer to the sphere. Such as Japan's "chocolate" packaging, its appearance just corresponds to the definition of the Plato sphere, from the same regular triangle cardboard folded after interpenetration, surrounded by - a positive octahedron, the closure using a simple and simple wire clever The ground connects eight sides and plays a role of solid function. The shape is Japanese style.

Packaging design is also an abstract form of language expression. How to use abstract language to express the artistic appeal of packaging design also requires the aid of three-dimensional composition.

1. The vitality of the design of the product packaging - the form we are studying is the form in the static state, and many of the natural forms give people a sense of beauty with their strong vitality. We should absorb the spirit of expansion and extension in the natural form and creatively apply it to the packaging design.

2. The dynamic design of product packaging - meaning development, advancement, balance and other good qualities, using the "gradient" method to form a visual spatial change, the formation of "dynamic composition" in the design usually rely on curves and shapes in space Partial rotation is taken.

3. The sense of volume in the design of product packaging refers to the psychological sensation that body weight brings to people. The key to designing is to deal with different forms of the same volume in different ways to express different psychological cues, using local deficiencies, adding, Folding and buckling can all exhibit better results.

4. The sense of depth of the design of the product packaging - there are many forms of depth in the natural form, which can attract people to win, use abstract shapes to reflect the depth, such as: contrast and harmony, rhythm and rhythm.

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