Destruction and settlement of paper prints and dirt

When printing products in the field, the shedding, dirt, and depilation on the paper will affect the quality of the ink product. The main reason is that paper is attached to the paper surface during papermaking because the paper is used in papermaking raw materials, auxiliary materials, and hard paste blocks, plastics, debris, scales, and insects in the papermaking process. These paper dropouts are transferred from the blanket to the paper. The shape of the print is white circles around it, with burrs and irregular patterns.


1 Strictly control the receipt of paper, and the unqualified paper does not enter the factory and is not stored in the warehouse. The quality of paper directly affects the quality of printed products.

2 The paper is hung and adjusted before offset printing. On the one hand, the water content of the paper can be evenly distributed, and the expansion and contraction of the paper can be reduced, which is conducive to accurate overprinting; on the other hand, the paper can be adjusted by hanging, the blower blows the paper, and the paper is dusted. , debris, small pieces of paper, etc., blow clean, reduce the paper off the stain, stick to the ink layer.

3 if the paper off powder, lint can be printed before printing a clean water, white oil treatment, offset printing and blanket printing methods.

4 Add some detackifying agent to the ink to reduce the viscosity of the ink and prevent the disadvantages of the old hair that the paper removes powder.

Source: Print Magazine

Electroplating Letter sign                                                                                

Electroplating letter or plating letter sign has a much stronger coating than normal frabicated letters, both in terms of corrosion resistance and limited degradation. Besides, it can be used in environments where temperatures can change drastically, that is because the metal expands and contracts at the same rate as the coating.                                 

Compared with painted letter sign, electroplating letter is coated evenly both for unique or oddly shaped designs. It is also easier to ensure a relatively even layer of a secondary metal, which is critical when the component has to fit into a system with tight tolerances.

Electroplating Letter

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