Analysis of Three Mistakes in Tobacco Cutting

In the process of tobacco mark die-cutting, popping, falling gold and other problems often occur. Often because of this little bit of deficiency, the cigarette label was scrapped and the efforts of the previous process were destroyed. Once again, the exquisite printing and high anti-counterfeiting technology made the packaging lose its value. It can be seen that explosive lines and falling gold have a great impact on a perfect package. The bursting and dropping of gold should be handled correctly in production.

Misunderstanding 1: After the explosion and gold fall out, use pliers to pull the indentation steel wire.

No foreign matter was dropped on the bottom plate. The whole die-cutting plate was basically registered. Under the condition of suitable pressure, there was a popping line and a drop of gold. The operator generally used a pair of pliers to press the indentation steel wire to make the pressure on the bottom film. Trace alignment to achieve the removal of popping, dropping gold phenomenon. This method is simple and effective, but it also gives us more serious problems in the die-cutting process. We all know that the large amount of cigarette production, often a die-cut version to be used several times repeatedly, when we put the second version, re-adhesion to the new bottom film, there will be the bottom film and die-cut version is not on, burst Lines, gold out of the phenomenon, but frustration and pick up the pliers pull indentation steel wire. In the long run, every time we reinstall the bottom film, there will be popping and dropping of gold, which wastes man-hours and makes the indentation on the cigarette mark not straight enough, which will affect the quality of packaging.

Misunderstanding 2: After the popping and falling gold phenomenon occurs, the base film is polished to eliminate the bursting line and lose the purpose of gold.

Those who have been die-cutting know that it is necessary to lightly sand the new backing film or to combine the first time with a double sheet. The purpose of this is: 1. It is not possible for the work piece to come out after the die-cutting and pressing; it cannot be normally die-cut on the bottom plate; The performance of the indentation on the smoke mark is burr, not smooth enough, full, affecting the quality of packaging. However, under the condition of normal die cutting and smooth indentation, the phenomenon of bursting and dropping of gold occurs, and the bottom film is polished to be widened, so that the upper and the lower plate indentation are aligned. This is unscientific and the consequences are not only serious. Affecting the accuracy of the folding and forming precision of the smoke sign, it also reduces the life of the base film and brings losses to the company.

Misunderstanding 3: After the explosion and gold fall, ground the indented steel wire at the location. The paper with a paper thickness of 230 g/mz or more is selected for general cigarette labels. The selected die-cut version is 23.8 mm high, and the indentation steel wire is 23.5 mm (or 23.6 mm). Than have strict requirements. It is not feasible to remove low pressure traces and eliminate explosives and gold. Doing so will make the indentation on the cigarette mark less light and full and the bounce angle when folding is not enough, affecting the quality of the gluing box.

(author/Wang Rui Shaanxi Golden Leaf Group)

Information Source <Printing Magazine>. 2005 6

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