Wuhan University develops water-use ink for tipping paper

The Printing and Packaging Department of Wuhan University has recently successfully developed water-based inks for use in printing of tipping paper, which makes cigarettes safer and more environmentally friendly.

The formula of the aqueous corrugated paper water-based gravure paper ink adopts the scientific orthogonal design theory, using water-based polymer resin, foreign advanced auxiliaries and water, supplemented by special production processes. The product has high consistency, low viscosity, good dispersion stability, and good wetting and leveling ability. It can adapt to the printing base paper and printing speed; the printing product is smooth, heat-resistant, ink-resistant, with clear dots, strong sense of layering, and no blocking. The edition can print for a long time without any color change or discoloration. And the product quality is stable, it is a green product, non-toxic, no residual odor.

The traditional tipping paper ink is alcohol-soluble. Despite strict requirements for solvent residues, there are also problems with health and post-printing solvent residues that affect the smell of cigarettes.

Paper Shopping Bag is a kind of Paper Bag using coated paper, kraft paper , and embossing paper. The bag is for shopping and is more environmental than other shopping bag. It can be use by different rope such as cotton rope, nylon, rope, paper rope and ropeless. Choose any surface finishing you want, printing, lamination, hot stamping and embossing.


Advantages of paper shopping bag

1) light weight.

2) with custom rope

3) for handling products.

4) large size


Description of paper shopping bag.


Material: coated paper , kraft paper, embossing paper.


Packaging  for carton

Payment: T/T, L/C,D/P, Western union

paper shopping bag


Corrugated Paper Gift Shopping Bag

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