Don't play keel: Because of its extraordinary structure and comfortable foot, the cork mute floor is comparable to the floor with keel. Adding keel is not only a superfluous addition, but also adds noise. Not suitable for geothermal conditions: Due to the thermal insulati
Among the recent construction and decoration materials, the beech trade is quite active and popular, and has become a hot commodity on the market. However, there is little understanding of the commodity knowledge of beech, and there are many misunderstandings in the promotion o
Know the common sense of wood species Wood flooring has always been the most popular category of decorative materials and the most troublesome for consumers. Lesson 1: Understanding Wood Species Wooden floors bring a natural touch to the home. The solid wood flooring is com
dry Before the planing, all the yellow pine wood is dried to ensure the consistency of the finished product. The wood size does not change after processing. The wood is placed in a drying kiln with temperature and humidity control to dry, or the wood is stacked and air dried u
After the reform and opening up of the shape of China's modern wine bottles, there was a vivid picture of blooming flowers. Such as the Guizhou Anji bottle, the model is a facial expression mask, the eyeball is protruding, the eyebrows are raised on the eyebrows, and the thick lips are closed,
Right now, for furniture, decorative tree species are: Ash, Northeast elm, willow eucalyptus, camphor wood, basswood, birch, color wood, teak, beech, cherry, red sandalwood, cedar, yew, pine, Beech, yellow pineapple, walnut, hibiscus, rosewood, mahogany , bitter, citron, jujube
Listen, just hit the security door with your finger and listen to the sound of the knock: the squeaking sound proves that the internal filling is full; the crisp sound makes the internal filling not full. The quantity is the thickness of the steel frame of the door frame. The