2. Inkjet printing technology This technology is one of the middle and upper gear technologies in the digital proofing market. It is also used for contrast proofing and content proofing. This technique is primarily used to produce images by delivering a continuous stream of ink to a printhead, wh
A low absorption laminate for food packaging, comprising: a core consisting of paper or paperboard; a polymeric coating disposed on one side of the core; and a third coating disposed on the other side of the core adjacent to the core a barrier layer; a first connection layer adjacent to the first
【Patent Type】 Invention Patent 【Patent Name】 Control Method of Screen Printing Machine 【Applicant】 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. [Inventor] Nishikawa Asaru; and Tomoaki Akihiko; Saito Higeno [Main Applicant Address] Osaka, Japan The government [app
Patent Name: Ink Dryer for Inkjet Receptor Media Patent Application Number: 99809137.5 Publication Number: 1311738 Abstract: A desiccant for inkjet receiving media. The desiccant may be an aromatic acid or fatty acid with a sulfo group, a carboxyl group, a phenol group or a mixed group thereof. I
【patent type】 utility model 【patent name】 a movable bulk container special template 【applicant】 Sheng Jun 【 Inventor】 Sheng Jun 【main applicant address】 200062 Room 1002, No.12, Lane 169, Bailan Road, Shanghai No.】 20032010918