If you don't have time to finish the production of film and proofing before the prepress production company, then please come to Zhuo Cheng Wen Qiang and we will immediately assist you in the prepress production. Please pay attention to the following aspects of the documents you bring in. The
With the structural adjustment of tobacco companies and the further increase in the concentration of cigarette brands, under the condition that the total production volume is relatively stable, the brand's single-batch printing capacity will be greatly improved. In this case, the gravure print
Flexo surface UV light oil can not paint, hair Phenomenon: The UV oil on the ink layer is uneven. Cause 1: UV light oil has a low viscosity and the coating is too thin. Solution: When printing products that need to be polished, corresponding measures must be taken to create conditions. When app
Abstract: In book binding design, there must be a proper layout design in each link to form a layout art in order to successfully help readers to read, understand and enjoy. Keywords: layout design; artistic appeal; artistic effect; decoration Layout design is the big stage for all visual commun
Sixth, screen printing and drum printing fixed color Once the fabric is screened or roller-printed, the color is positioned on the cloth and further processing is required for fixing. Dyes used as print colorants must be able to bind fibers. The printing fabric can be fixed in a vapor whose temp
Primare Showcases Newly Developed Ultraviolet Leading New Products Together with OEM American Nursing Company at Ipex Exhibition, with 1500-hour lighting guarantee in all standard Quadcure lamps According to company introduction, Pima UV curing The lamp is suitable for all well-known UV curing sys
Patent Name: Print Quality Monitoring System Patent Application No. 6 Publication No.: 2644161 Application Date; 2003.08.22 Public Day: 2004.09.29 Applicant: Song Baofu The utility model discloses a printing quality monitoring system belonging to the field of computer control technology: it cons